This holiday season, give your family the best gift that you can all enjoy together when you have a custom theater room built! Whether you and your family are video-game players, sports fanatics, or movie buffs, an in-home theater will be a gift that is enjoyed by everyone in your home for years to come — and your guests will love it too! While you could create a home theater yourself, having a contractor install a custom home theater allows you to enjoy professional quality entertainment. In today’s post, we will go over just a few ways your local general contractor can create the perfect entertainment space for you.

Room Addition or Remodel

To create the ultimate home theater space, your general contractor can add a room to your home that can be tailor-made for entertainment or remodel an existing rec room. This allows you to have sound-proof walls installed along with custom built shelving and cabinets for storage. Sound-proofing the walls will allow you to play the surround sound as loud as you want without bothering the other household members. We highly recommend creating a new space for your home theater rather than turning your existing living or family room for the sake of maintaining the family gathering space. Once a room is converted to a home theater, little else will happen there.

At B and C Builders, our expert general contractors can either remodel an existing room or build you an addition. If you have the idea but aren’t sure how to execute it or what space would be best, that’s okay, our design team can help you plan and work within your budget. From construction to interior paint and flooring, our team can handle it all!

Custom Electrical and Lighting

Building an in-home theater affords you the opportunity to have custom electrical work and lighting installed. This allows for dimmed lighting options and surround sound without exposed wires and speakers. Whether you want recessed cams, track lighting, sidewall lighting, or projection television capabilities, the options are endless!

At B and C Building Group, we contract with the best local electricians so there is no middle man for you to deal with. When you have your custom home theater built by us, we ensure that every aspect is handled so that you only have to deal with one person, not coordinating the whole team!

Custom Bar or Kitchenette

What theater room would be complete without a bar or snack area? If your theatre room will primarily be used for cheering on your favorite sports team with your closest friends, consider having a custom bar built, complete with a kegerator and snack bar. If you are building a home movie theater or game room, you’ll need a place to pop your popcorn and store your cold beverages so that you don’t miss a thing.

At B and C Building Group, we can handle all of your custom carpentry needs, and we specialize in kitchens so building a mini kitchen area will be a breeze!

Let B and C Building Group Create Your Home Theater!

Whatever your custom home theater looks like in your head, we can bring it to life. Some options that we didn’t address in great detail here that we can easily include are fireplaces, window and door installation, and plumbing work if you want to add a small bathroom to your entertainment room. Give your family the best holiday gift when you have a custom in-home theater room built! Contact us for your free estimate and get your project started today!